an Azanian word to describe the mystic qualities of the space upon the tops of mountains.

Ode to Ukunda

Camel Line
Maasai Machete
Ukunda Aerial

Ode to Ukunda

A small glimpse at a short journey in Ukunda, Kenya.

This trip was characterised by spontaneous adventures and many friendships made with local fisherman, craftsman, nomads and hustlers. 

The people were exceptionally friendly, resourceful and the ecosystem dense, hot, rich and an echo of my own home on the east coast of South Africa. As always my attentions were drawn to cosmic alignments of people and place; the rhythms of a carpenters chisel amidst a busy market place, the symphony of waves and wooden dhows upon the shore, the history of century old machetes of British steel in the hands of Maasai warriors who inquired me about Southern African tribal histories and shared to my surprised ears that the Maasai are largely Christian.

From Freediving with Bottlenose dolphins to excited Swahili cheers as we chased down humpback whales across a coral reef, Ukunda and its people are now forever in my heart.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to visit here, and for the graciousness of the place for rewarding my curiosity and willingness to go off the beaten track with some lifelong memories, and hopefully a few good photographs.

Here are a collection of just five images from my five days in Ukunda to offer a glimpse into this magical and peaceful place.