an Azanian word to describe the mystic qualities of the space upon the tops of mountains.

Improvisation & Healing

Improvisation & Healing


Improvisation & Healing

This fully Improvised set explores the synthesis of Southern African Indigenous and Diasporic musical languages and instruments as technologies of Wayfinding.

Influenced by Electronic, Jazz, Carnatic and improvisational musical forms this was the first performance done with two unique instruments designed and handcrafted by artist Kamil Adam Hassim. A journey in building new tongues for unique sonic languages and developing music and instrumentation as an interface to the divine, the instruments like the artist himself, are a polymerisation between Eastern, Western and African cultural traditions.

The project reflects on how cultural paradigms enable or disable our abilities to perceive information in our environments and explores art and music as tools for developing technologies which allow us to transcend these boundaries.

Improvisation is explored as a potential catalyst for altered states of being which can allow for new information and knowledge to take form and facilitate a path of personal and perhaps collective healing.

Lilavan Gangen -Tabla and percussion

Sean Sanby - Upright Bass + Sound

Cian Geraghty - Videography

Special thanks to Stanley Amon and Kimesh Chauhan for their support and collaboration in building the “Polyphonic Space Simulator.”