Event Horizon

In Event Horizon Hassim takes us on a journey through the mysteries of black holes and the cosmic principles that govern our universe. At the heart of this work lies an exploration of how information permeates through social, cultural and physical systems based on concepts relating to Black Holes. These are the information paradox, holographic principle and the Event Horizon. Kamil's work invites us to contemplate these complex ideas through our senses and emotions, rather than just through our intellect. By using defunct astronomical lenses to create optical effects, his installation immerses us in an experience that is designed to facilitate a process of ‘embodied knowledge’. This process allows us to engage with these ideas on a visceral level, connecting us more deeply to the mysteries of the cosmos. The idea of embodied knowledge is central to many indigenous knowledge systems, which hold that knowledge is not something that can be acquired solely through intellectual pursuits. Rather, it is something that must be felt and experienced, in order to be fully understood.

close-up images courtesy of Reza Khota