an Azanian word to describe the mystic qualities of the space upon the tops of mountains.


The symbol seen on the header page of this website is a cosmogram which describes a system in which all points of information are interconnected, except for one outlying string of data that exists outside the system. This outlying string is Uduqko.

Kamil Hassim is a trans-disciplinary artist and musician working in a range of disciplines including instrument making, video, sculpture, digital art, sound, music, installation, performance, photography and painting. 

His current projects are characterised by a collaborative cross disciplinary approach which has seen him work with astronomers, engineers, physicists, musicians, filmmakers, dancers and more.

His work often explores how our relative cultural paradigms influence the ways in which we interface with the universe and the kinds of information that become activated through these perspectives. With this interest he is currently thinking through themes of Art, Science, Indigenous knowledge systems and their intersections.

Kamil Hassim is one of the recipients of Connect South Africa, with Swiss artist Ian Purnell. They joined a dual residency at CERN, and in the array of astronomy observatories across South Africa, at SAAO and SARAO. In his proposal, If Spacetime were a Canvas, he explored creating resonant instruments to draw connections between Indigenous South African cosmological sensibilities and fundamental research conducted at CERN, SAAO and SARAO.