Event Horizon


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A ray of white light is fractured into a rainbow within a mist filled dark room. The technicolour haze illuminates the normally invisible turbulence and vortexes of air, which are affected by our motions.

The unseen patterns which constantly decorate our existence along the continuum which we are also a part of, are made visible. The colours in the space are produced optically, using diffraction gratings from an Astronomy laboratory. The ray of light which travels in a wave much like sound and water, is split and refracted across the room.

Playing with these elements of constructed and deconstructed information, the subjectivities of perception, and optical effects generated by defunct lenses used in astronomy - thus is created an impression of the “Event Horizon.” Investigating the boundaries between us, each other and the universe around us. Seeking to explore the potentials of technology as an expansion of our sensory perceptions that can inform new ways of thinking and being.

Event Horizon is presented in collaboration with the South African Astronomical Observatory, wherewithall, Constitution Hill Creative Hub and and supported by the National Arts Council, South Africa, Presidential Employment Stimulus Fund 2023..

Opening and closing nights: 

17/03/2023 6 pm 

24/03/2023 6 pm


18/03/2023 11 am

25/03/2023 11 am