Bayala Cinematography Lab

Late November this year (2023) I joined some NEWF fellows from across Africa for a week long wildlife cinematography Masterclass with National Geographic explorer and BBC Planet Earth filmmaker Prakash Matada.

Braving 43* heat we learned wildlife cinematography fundamentals and shot on virtually the entire RED camera lineup with emphasis on long lens photography and sequence building.

Prakash taught us everything he could in the short time and I learned an immense amount from his incredible mentorship. When shoots were over, the group enjoyed many laughs over our shared lunch and dinner times. I also introduced everyone to Roses Cola Tonic and lemonade which eventually we were all ordering. This was a rare instance in which a group exercise saw every individual get to know and connect with every other. On top of becoming a better filmmaker and storyteller, I also made some great friends. 

Many thanks to NEWF, Noel and Pragna Kok and Prakash for the opportunity and experience.

Pictured left to right: Praisewell, Gissomo, Erica, Wesani, Hilma, Me (Kamil), Felix, Mathabela, Nkosi, Prakash